Tipping Trends in America

Tipping Trends in America

April 1, 2024
April 1, 2024
Tipping Trends in AmericaWaiter Pay logo simple

Tipping has become a controversial topic in America. UpgradedPoints recently posted an article diving into recent trends on tipping culture in the United States. Some of their statistics are below.


Over a Quarter of Americans Tip 20% or More

Yougov.com found that 26% percent of Americans say they would pay as much as 20% gratuity. This was followed by 18% of respondents claiming they would pay as much as 15% or 10% gratuity.


Roughly One-Third of Americans Feel Pressured to Tip

A survey by Forbes found that 31% of Americans feel pressured to tip. A significant number of respondents also said they felt overwhelmed (26%), guilty (23%), embarrassed (23%), and confused (20%).


Older Americans are More Likely to Tip
As many as 96% of diners and 84% of bar customers will tip if they are 65 or older. They are also more likely than other generations to tip hotel staff, with as many as 64% stating they would offer a cash tip to any employees they had received help from during their stay. This makes sense given that older generations tend to have more disposable income at hand.


Two-Thirds of Americans Have a Negative View on Tipping

A survey conducted by Bankrate recently found that as many as 66% of Americans have negative views on tipping. There is a lot of confusion on how much to tip and when. Many are annoyed by pre-entered tip screens. 30% believe tipping culture has gotten out of control.


41% of People Believe Companies Should Do More

The same Bankrate survey found that a significant number of Americans(41%) have a huge grievance with large companies. These Americans believe that businesses must do more to ensure that people working low-pay positions are earning enough to live comfortably.


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