Pechman Law Group Wins $110,000 Overtime Settlement for Pizza Maker

Pechman Law Group Wins $110,000 Overtime Settlement for Pizza Maker

March 13, 2024
March 13, 2024
Pechman Law Group Wins $110,000 Overtime Settlement for Pizza MakerWaiter Pay logo simple

Paul Michael’s Brick Oven Café, a popular Richmond Hill, New York pizzeria restaurant, has paid $110,000 in unpaid overtime to a former pizza maker.

The pizza maker filed a federal court lawsuit in 2022 alleging violations of the New York Labor Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act. The pizza maker who had worked at the restaurant for over 15 years, claimed that over 60 hours per week and was paid a weekly salary of approximately $850 in cash. As a non-exempt employee working in the hospitality industry in New York, the pizza maker should have been paid an hourly wage and overtime pay of time and one-half the regular rate for all hours over forty per workweek.

The Complaint also alleged that the pizzeria did not provide wage notices upon hire, wage statements with the weekly pay, or pay spread-of-hours pay, i.e. an extra hour of wages at the full minimum wage rate on each day that an employee worked shifts spanning over ten hours, as required by the New York Labor Law.

The employee was represented by Louis Pechman and Vivianna Morales of Pechman Law Group. If you have been the victim of wage theft or have questions about your rights as a restaurant worker, contact the attorneys of Pechman Law Group at212-583-9500. We have recovered over 30 million dollars for restaurant workers who are victims of wage theft.

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