McDonald’s Settles Time Shaving Lawsuit

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A class action wage theft lawsuit brought by approximately 2,300 employees of various McDonald’s Restaurants owned by Crawford Restaurant Group in upstate New York. The wage theft lawsuit, which was filed by the restaurant workers in 2013, alleged that McDonald’s … Continued

Banquet Hall Employees Sue the DoubleTree Hotel


Banquet hall servers at the DoubleTree Hotel in Westchester, New York are suing for the hotel’s failure to pay minimum wages, overtime wages, spread-of-hours pay, unlawful deductions, and improper distribution of gratuities. According to the collective action lawsuit filed in … Continued

Pinkberry Workers Makes Claim for Wage Theft

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Workers and managers at a Pinkberry on Chapel Street in New Haven, Connecticut claim that the now closed frozen yogurt shop failed to pay them wages for their hours worked.  Several employees claim that their employer did not pay them … Continued

NELA/NY Conference on Hospitality Industry Wage Issues

Tip misappropriation, minimum wage and other Hospitality wage issues will be addressed at a NELA/NY conference on October 10. Louis Pechman, founder of will moderate the session, which will be held at the Yale Club, at 50 Vanderbilt Ave, … Continued

Fig & Olive Restaurants Sued for Pay Violations

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Fig & Olive restaurants have been sued by a former worker for failure to pay its waitstaff federal and state minimum wage for all hours worked, for instituting a tip scheme which was not determined nor agreed upon by the … Continued

Cracker Barrel Associate Managers Sue for Overtime Pay

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Associate Managers of Cracker Barrel restaurants have been misclassified as “exempt” employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), according to an overtime lawsuit filed on August 7 in Florida federal court. The lawsuit claims that Associate Managers at Cracker … Continued

Managers of Papa Gino’s Sue For Overtime Pay Violations


Managers of Papa Gino’s, an Italian restaurant chain found throughout Massachusetts and New England, have sued for overtime and breach of contract.  The named plaintiffs of the class action lawsuit, filed in the District Court of Massachusetts, held the titles … Continued

Debate Over the Tipped Minimum Wage

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The recent debate about whether to raise the federal minimum wage has overshadowed the debate about whether the tipped minimum wage also should be increased, according to a recent story on NPR. Since 1991, the federal tipped minimum wage for … Continued

Boulud Restaurants Sued for Wage Pay Violations


Tipped employees working in the Boulud Restaurants owned by renowned chef, Daniel Boulud, have filed a class action lawsuit claiming minimum wage, overtime compensation, and spread-of-house violations under the New York Labor Law (NYLL).  The Complaint, which was filed in … Continued