Happy National Waiters and Waitresses Day!


Today is National Waiters and Waitresses Day. To commemorate, check out this blog about the top ten wage violations in the restaurant industry written by waiterpay.com founder Louis Pechman, featured on the Huffington Post. Share

Five Tips To Avoid Restaurant Pay Lawsuits


In handling over 100 restaurant pay lawsuits, I have seen common themes play out, whether that restaurant is a mom and pop take out place or a high end fine dining establishment. From the perspective of someone who has collected … Continued

New York State Minimum Wage Rises to $8.75

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Effective December 31, 2014, the New York State minimum wage rose to $8.75 per hour and the overtime rate for workers making the minimum wage rose to $13.13 per hour. This increase is the second in a series of three … Continued

Fig & Olive Restaurants Sued for Pay Violations

fig and olive

Fig & Olive restaurants have been sued by a former worker for failure to pay its waitstaff federal and state minimum wage for all hours worked, for instituting a tip scheme which was not determined nor agreed upon by the … Continued

Oheka Castle Hit with Wage Theft Lawsuit

Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle, a catering facility for weddings and lavish events in Huntington, Long Island, has been hit with a wage theft class action by a former server and bartender. According to the federal court Complaint filed by the attorneys for … Continued

McDonald’s Restaurants Sued for Wage Theft

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McDonald’s was hit with seven lawsuits by workers in California, Michigan, and New York, who claimed that the company and some franchise owners failed to pay the employees for all hours worked, failed to pay them overtime, shaved their hours … Continued

Restaurant Worker Rights Group Is Accused of Misconduct

Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), a restaurant worker rights advocacy group has been accused of misconduct.  In an opinion piece published in the New York Post, Mike Paranzing accused the ROC of being a labor union front that doesn’t practice what … Continued

Explosion in Overtime Lawsuits Reported by CNBC

Overtime lawsuits have hit a record level according to an article by CNBC.  Attorney Louis Pechman, founder of waiterpay.com, was quoted in the article, noting that “workers are becoming more aware of their rights” and that there is still “incredible … Continued